• WP1: Storing, browsing and quering

    WP Leader: ENG

    The WP1 has the objectives of specifying and implementing the requirements of the MARKOS system for browsing and querying the major properties of (Open Source) software artifacts.

    These properties will be used to define the artifacts’ meta-data. They will allow a software developer or an analyst to understand software at high level without the need to go into the details of the source code. In particular the abstract view will allow the users to discover the main components of the software, their interfaces, the dependencies between them and related licenses and documentation. It will allow to show the relationships between components of different projects and to navigate through them in a consistent way (i.e. as if they were provided by the same project).

    The specified requirements will also include the modality of publication of the collected meta-data as linked-data exploitable by external applications. Possible modality for access restriction will be also described.

    The requirements collected by the WP1 will be sent to WP2 that will specify a formal ontology, the overall architecture of the MARKOS system and APIs of all corresponding services within the architecture.

    Moreover, this WP will implement the storage, navigation and querying components. The implementation of the services will be based on a central storage service, offered to the analysis tools developed by the other WPs, for storing the extracted meta-data.

    The requirements and the related implementation will be updated after the first validation of the MARKOS system, on the base of user feedbacks collected in WP6.