• WP2: Upper Model and Architecture

    WP Leader: ENG

    The WP2 has the objectives of specifying the overall architecture of the MARKOS service implementation and a common ontology for the description of the structural and license relationships that characterizes (Open Source) software.

    Both the architecture and the ontology are based on the requirements definition provided by WP1. They will form the foundation for the development activities performed in the other WPs.

    The architecture will specify the offered and required interfaces of the main components needed for the implementation of the MARKOS service and the interaction happening between these components. The leaders of the development WPs (WP1, WP3, WP4, WP5, and WP6) will be involved in the WP2 as responsible for the specification of the interfaces offered by their components and for collaborating to the specification of their required interfaces.

    The same actors will be also involved as contributors to the definition of the common ontology for the software description, at least for the portion of the ontology related to the input/output of the components under their responsibility.

    The common ontology will be constructed by selecting and integrating the most relevant ontologies at the state of the art for the description of the software structure and Open Source projects and will be extended and adapted to meet the requirements expressed in WP1.