• WP3: Licensing Modelling and Analysis

    WP Leader: FH

    WP3 will define and develop, on the basis of the requirements specified by WP1 and the architecture and upper ontology specified by WP2, an ontology of software licenses, to be used by the crawlers developed in WP5 to collect and extract licensing information, along with a rule-based model of copyright law and an web application, based on argumentation technology, for helping developers to analyze Open Source software licensing issues.

    The first objective of this work package is to define and develop a knowledge-base for analyzing software licensing issues, consisting of an ontology of software licenses, using the Web Ontology Language (OWL), extending the upper ontology of WP2, and a rule-base modeling relevant copyright laws and legal precedents.

    The second objective of this work package is to define and develop an interactive application for analyzing Open Source licensing issues. This application will be based on prior work on (legal) argumentation technology by the partners, in particular the Open Source Carneades system developed by Fraunhofer FOKUS (http://carneades.github.com).

    The license compatibility analysis performed in WP3 will be integrated with the dependency analysis of WP4. This will have the aim of determining whether the way a component distributed under a certain license can be integrated and re-distributed when using a specific kind of connector. If this is not possible, MARKOS will search for alternative components distributed under other licenses that would not cause legal issues. If no alternative components are available, MARKOS will support the developer by suggesting appropriate ways of integrating the component without incurring in legal issues (e.g., using a middleware or a fork instead of a static linking).